Fahad Raza – Global Warming and the Tap!

This shot was taken on the 3rd of February 2010 in Melody Food Park (G-6/3). The photo depicts two serious environmental issues:

1. The reflection of the sun in the droplets of water depict the most important environmental issue of all times – Global Warming. How the sun is actually coming closer and closer everyday, and how ice-caps are one day going to be eliminated and the whole world would be one huge ocean if we don’t mend our ways.

2. No water coming out of the barrel indicates that despite the fact that global warming results in melting ice-caps, their still exist areas with water shortages. Millions of hectares of land can not be irrigated and many rivers have dried up –


IFRAH AHMED – Contrast!

A ladybird is a small being and is always unoticed unless her beauty is closely observed which is when it is enhanced.this small creature accepts the tortures of lfe and lives with them. she is happy and doesnt complain so why do human beings?

 the person in my picture dosent wanted me to take a picture of her face.therefore i showed it in such a way  that her pain can be felt as well. (keepin in mind her privacy).

Mohsin Mansoor – Knot of Life

There are Different change in our life.. 🙂 like change of view, mind, thoughts, behavior.. 🙂


Shows a person working.Who works hard and is living a sad life because she has to.if she wouldnt have chosen it then would have lived with much more pain.

Shehryar Aziz – Racism Burnin’

 Shows racism..the idea is by some one else but i shot the photo.

Shehryar Aziz – Elec-trick!

Photo shows the economic condition of pakistan by showing the condition of electricity wires in a street.

Gullain Nisar – Can we bring a smile on these faces?

Can we bring a smile on these faces?